Olof Sisask

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I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics at Stockholm University, and co-founder of dogl.

Education-wise, I am interested in making concepts tangible and hands-on.

Research-wise, my main interests lie in a mixture of harmonic analysis, probability, combinatorics, and number theory.


Google Scholar provides some interesting links to papers and articles surrounding my research.

Contact details
You can usually reach me at olof.sisask[AT-tecken]math.su.se.
Dogl Calculus

Together with a fantastic team, I'm trying to make it easier for Calculus students to engage with solving problems. Through a mobile app. While still having it be pedagogically sound! Check out Dogl Calculus for our progress so far.

Public engagement
Have fun and understand stuff with interactive tools! The text is in Swedish, but the ideas universal. Unfortunately these are not yet fully self-contained, and might not work terribly well on mobile phones, but they will hopefully make sense to you if you attended one of my public lectures or the teacher development day Kleinerdagen at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA). If you want any of the other materials we used, please email me!

Want to study the emergence of a giant puddle in the random raindrop model? Here's a visualisation. (Puddles merge according to their barycentres.)


Some graduate school notes:

For my notes in other subjects, please see the respective course webpages.

Papers and articles